Treatment Options

One of the most confusing things when you have a horse with an injury is the enormous amount of treatment options that seem to be available for your horse.
It is nearly impossible to filter out the really useful options from the more experimental treatments of even bogus treatments that are out there.

We think it is our duty to inform you about the options for treatment that are available for your horse that have been proven to be effective, tested in research and have been published in veterinary literature. This is called “evidence based medicine”, it means that what we offer has been proven to be effective.
We do not disqualify any other treatment modality that can be, in specific cases, very useful, but we rely in our practice on evidence, we want to be sure the treatment we are advising for your horse is effective and the best option available at the moment.

Even with evidence based medicine, the treatment can only be effective if it is the right treatment for the right disease or injury.
This again points out the importance of a good and complete diagnosis, without finding the specific problem in your horse, identifying it and staging it, so we know in which stage of injury or healing you horse is, any treatment is just a guess…

In our education section of our website you can find more information about several treatment modalities.