Riding lessons

Our dedication to assist you in achieving a joyful working relationship with your horse does not stop with veterinary care.

We offer riding lessons for every level, based on classical dressage. Dr van Wessum has a background in dressage (see his bio at the “about” page). Classical dressage is more or less the foundation of any equestrian discipline; the exercises are designed to develop the horse in a harmonious way. Any discipline may benefit from a more supple horse with better coordination, muscle power and balance. Dr van Wessum can show you and your horse how to perform certain exercises that will develop your horse. Especially during rehabilitation these lessons can be a wonderful contribution to the complete recovery of your horse. However, we think that these lessons also may be helpful in the prevention of injuries, because classical dressage is focused on the anatomical development of your horse.

With insight on how to build muscles, create coordination and balance you will be much better equipped to take your horse through the levels!

The fee for a riding lesson is $100 for 3/4 hour lesson at our facility.

We do travel for lessons and clinics, just give us a call and we can set something up!