University Level Medicine at a Practical Setting by Board Certified Specialists

To give more meaning to our mission statement and the importance of education, we offer clinics and lectures.

Of course we will have our regular barn talks in our barn during the winter months, but we offer more than that:

In a clinic our doctors can show whatever a client wants to be the topic for a “hands-on” wet lab. This can be a common riding clinic, focused on a specific part of riding; like lateral bending, improving the gaits, get a better response from your horse, etc.

Other topics can be part of a clinic either, like how to do a leg wrapping, first aid, judging, and so on.

A lecture can cover any topic within the range of sports medicine. In general, the lecture will be 1-11/2 hour long, with a PowerPoint presentation as a base. After the initial lecture there can be some time for questions, or there can be a clinic to follow, focused on whatever has been presented in the lecture.

We can have these lectures and clinics in our facility, but when you have a special occasion with your family, horse group, 4Hgroup, school or business, we can give the clinic or lecture at your place!

Amaze your friends with a tailor-made lecture or clinic, invite business relations or organize a barn party!

The charge for such a clinic or lecture will depend on where the location is (how far for us to drive), if we can use one of our ready maid presentations or have to design a specific lecture for your audience, how many people will attend, etc.

Just give us a call with your idea and we can talk about how to make a fun (and educational) day or evening!