MSU-Imaging Services

Michigan State University Teaching Hospital, just 7 miles north of our location, has state-of-the-art imaging capabilities.

During the time of Dr van Wessum’s appointment at MSU, he has worked with the imaging department for scintigraphy, CT and MRI. Their facilities are the best in a large area around mid-Michigan, and we are happy we can work in a partnership with this amazing facility.

Whenever the doctors at the EASMC think your horse may benefit from a visit to the imaging department of MSU, we will refer you for the specific imaging procedure to MSU.

However, you will be referred only for the imaging procedure. That means, no repeated examinations, no waiting time, no interference with our program of examination and treatment. You will drop off your horse for the desired procedure and pick it up as soon as the procedure is done. In specific cases we can even arrange the drop off procedure for you; so you just can leave your horse at our facility and pick it up later, after all procedures have been done.

The advantage is that you will know ahead exactly how much the procedure is going to cost and when it is done.

The radiologists of the imaging department will communicate with our doctors about the findings of the procedure, and our doctors will continue the care for your horse.

In case we think your horse may need surgery or further special diagnostics we cannot offer, we can refer you to one of the services of MSU or any other equine hospital you may prefer.