Navicular Evaluation

At the Equine All-Sports Medicine Center we are specialized in the evaluation of the navicular region.

For more detailed information about the anatomy of the navicular region and all the diagnostic and therapeutic options, go to our “education” page.

Most horse people know of the option to make X-rays of the navicular bone as part of a lameness examination. However, the navicular bone is just a small part of the entire navicular region. We are specialized in ultrasonography of the entire navicular region. That is a major advantage, first because now much more information about the navicular region is available other than just x-rays. But even more important, with ultrasonography it is very easy to evaluate the effect of a rehabilitation program of tendon and ligament injuries as well as pathology of the navicular bursa over time with repetitive examinations while the procedure is harmless and not as costly as MRI-examination.

The EASMC is one of the few facilities in the world that offers the options to evaluate the navicular region with ultrasound and has the opportunity to perform arthroscopic surgery to the navicular bursa (called bursoscopy), a minimal invasive technique, as a top-notch treatment modality for several navicular disease cases.