At the Equine All-Sports Medicine center pricing structure is open and clear. We have set fees for several procedures and exams as listed below. During each examination procedure we will discuss with the client which procedures we think would be needed, so you can make informed decisions about which procedures you want us to perform and what they will cost.

Initial examination, including interview, physical exam, communications with client, referring vet and insurance company, development of treatment and rehabilitation plan duration max 2 hour 550
Recheck examinations, including interview, physical exam, communications with client, referring vet and insurance company, adaptations to treatment and rehabilitation plan, duration max 1 ½ hour 425
Ultrasonographic examination initial region, including preparation and cleaning, images available per email 475
Radiographic examination, digital X-rays per image including interpretation, images avalable per email 55
per image spine large image (14 x 17 inch cassette) 125
Podiatry session; 4 initial images (1 lateral and 1 front view per front limb) and 4 images after farrierwork, including interpretation and communication with resident farrier 450
Sedation, when needed, with Sedivet (safest drug available) 75
FEI Passport preparation and verification (for international FEI competition) 225
Performance check-up including report and training advise 175
Pre-purchase examination (clinical) including report and communications 575
Digital X-rays per image for pre-purchase examination including interpretation, burning CD and transfer images 55
Motion analysis with Equestic Clip lunging including explanation and training advice 200
Motion analysis with Equestic clip lunging and riding including explanation and training advice 350
PRP treatment with onsite prepared PRP including ultrasonographic guided injection and surgical preparation 950

We do not charge an office call fee or in-hospital, nor any set-up fee for X-ray and ultrasonography.

Payment is due at examination.


When your horse comes in for an initial exam with ultrasonography and 2 X-rays the total costs will be

When your horse comes in for a recheck exam and ultrasonography the total costs will be

Pre-purchase exam European standard ( full clinical exam and 18 X-rays):
575+ 18 x 55 = $1565

Your horse comes in with back pain complaints:

Conservative approach: initial exam and Ultrasonography of the spine:
550+475 = $ 1025

Your horse comes in with navicular/distal foot pain:

Conservative approach: initial exam, 6 X-rays (lateral, frontal and skyline view both feet) and Ultrasonography of navicular region and tendons:
550+475 + 6 x 55 = $ 1355

These examples show how different approaches (paying attention to costs and perform the minimal examination modalities that will give a dependable diagnosis or performing all possible techniques to have the best diagnosis possible) can have different price-tags.

Realize that our doctors just will give you advise how to proceed with the examination of your horse, you are the one that makes the decisions!