Performance Check-Ups

The Equine All-Sports Medicine Center is offering regular check-ups of your horse to asses the up-to-date state of the condition of your horse

This exam can be performed on our center or on location in your barn when an appointment can be made for multiple horses at the same day.

During the check-up your horse will be evaluated for fitness and soundness through an intensive physical exam, focusing on performance, lameness and general health.

Your horse will be examined with the trainer present (preferably) and can be evaluated during work (lunging or under saddle) to get a complete evaluation of its capacity and ability.

Flexion tests and physical examination of tendon structures as well as the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory systems and the spine are incorporated in this exam.

All results will be scored on a special score form, so you can keep track of your horse performance condition.

Scores will be higher when structures are loaded close to their injury level, while scores will get lower when training is effective and structures get stronger and more adapted.

Trainer and rider will receive an explanation about the results of the exam and our doctors will assist in making adaptations to the training program in collaboration with trainer and rider when needed.

Early detection of (minor) injuries can assist in preventing these injuries to become more serious. Quite often in the initial stage of an injury, especially when this is a repetitive stress injury, no specific treatment is needed, just an adaptation in the training schedule (in cooperation with trainer and rider) is often enough to prevent any further damage.

EASMC offers these regular check-ups (advised annually or semi-annually for horses in regular training, more often for horses under high work load) at the location for a standard fee of 150 USD per exam (when multiple horse are present for an exam. Otherwise, a barn call fee will be charged).

Preferably the owner/rider of the horse is present at the exam, so results of the exam can be communicated directly.