Podiatry and Special Shoeing

Podiatry for horses means the use of shoeing and trimming to correct orthopedic abnormalities. Especially in this field a good and clear communication between vet and farrier is extremely important.

Often X-rays are needed to evaluate the condition of the feet and detect unbalances and abnormalities within the hoof. This is where the veterinarian is needed. But after that, the farrier need clear advise how to deal with the hoof, based on the information on the X-rays.

At the Equine All-Sports Medicine Center we have an in-house farrier, Joe Blackburn, who works closely together with our doctors.

It is the team effort that will make a great outcome. Based on the information on the X-rays Ron can trim the feet, and directly after that the doctors can evaluate the result of the trim with another X-ray.

Doctor van Wessum brings his expertise form the Netherlands, where hoof-care is an age-old science and art, together with a farrier that can exactly perform the trimming or shoeing Dr van Wessum asks for.

With specific pathology as navicular disease, tendon lesions and hock and stifle-problems, specific shoeing can assist in comprehensive management of the injury or disease. With our in-house farrier we can give your horse the specific shoeing that is needed for complete recovery.

For podiatry cases we have a special offer for the X-rays that have to be made for a good evaluation before and after trimming. We charge just a fee for making the images (8 in general, 2 images for each (front) limb before and 2 images after trimming. We do not charge an office fee nor exam fee, just the costs for the X-rays (which will include the evaluation of the images and the communication with the farrier). The farrier will charge a fee for his services.

We have special experience in dealing with chronic laminitis-cases.

For several disciplines special shoeing is a must. Dr van Wessum has enormous experience in shoeing for the (higher level) dressage horse, in which discipline small changes in shoeing can make big differences in the show arena. Nearly not any veterinarian will bring this expertise, for sure not in cooperation with an in-house farrier.

We offer special services; you can bring your horse in the evening and pick it up next day shod and ready to go, so you don’t have to spend a working day!