As mentioned in our mission statement; we think that information and knowledge is a very important factor in the success of any treatment or rehab program.

The better the owner understands the condition of his/her horse, the more he/she can be able to do the job in treatment and rehabilitation. You as the owner/rider/trainer will do the largest part of the work in this program, so the final outcome is depending merely on you.

During the examination of your horse, our doctors will give you detailed information about their findings during the diagnostic procedure and make you a partner in any decision regarding diagnosis and treatment.

In our office we have a large collection of anatomical samples, which we use in our explanation about what exactly is going on with your horse. It is such a nice opportunity to show you real-life samples and make it easier for you to understand the problems your horse is experiencing.

You will receive a detailed discharge form will all the information about the diagnostic procedure and the results of all tests and a CD with all images (X-ray and ultrasound).

On the CD will also be more information about the specific diagnosis and treatment- and rehab plan for your horse.

To encourage horse owners to get more knowledge about equine sports medicine we have free information available at our website.

There are several Power Point presentations imbedded in our website, accessible for anyone who is interested.

In the winter months, the Equine All-Sports Medicine Center presents monthly “barn talks”, seminars in our barn at the facility. Every barn talk covers a specific topic with a lecture and a demo ride or clinic afterwards in our indoor arena.

These barn talks are open for anyone interested, free admission!