First Appointments

Our doctors will schedule a 2 hour appointment for each first-time visit to have sufficient time for an one-on-one interaction with you and your horse to perform a complete and comprehensive exam. There will not be any other client around than just you and your horse (and potentially your trainer, family, co-rider, etc), so complete privacy is assured.

At arrival, we will have a stall waiting for your horse, so your horse can relax from the trip and get settled down before our examination starts.

We will start the procedure with an intake-interview in our office/client conference room. Here we will take 15-20 minutes to get a complete history about your horse and the problems you experience with it.

We will get you informed about the next step in the procedure, the physical exam, and what you can expect about that.

Watch our power point presentation about what to expect at your first visit!

Recheck Appointments

After your horse’ initial examination, often follow-up visits are required to keep track of improvement and developments during the medication and rehabilitation phases of the therapy program of your horse. These recheck visits will take an approximate 1 hour to complete. We will start with an interview to discuss the therapy program up to date and get information about the current condition of your horse.

The physical exam will be nearly as complete as at the first visit to get a comprehensive image of the condition of your horse, but further diagnostics will be merely limited to ultrasonograpic examination in most cases.

Our doctors will evaluate the overall condition of your horse after the previous therapy interval and design a next phase for therapy and rehabilitation.

You will receive a comprehensive report and a CD with the most recent information about the condition of your horse and the proposed therapy for the coming period.


You can schedule an appointment by phone; just call 517 980 6267 and make an appointment.

You can also send us an email at with your wishes for date and time for an appointment and we will get back at you within several hours to approve your appointment application.

We at the Equine All-Sports Medicine Center realize that in these times of economic hardship, taking a day off from work can be difficult. We schedule all our appointments at exact appointment time. No waiting, no hanging around, all examinations will be performed within 2 hours of your appointment time and you are on your way home!

Our “regular” office times are Monday to Friday 8 am-6 pm, but we are flexible and can have spots available in the evening or on weekends for special occasions.