Second Opinion

The EASMC is the perfect location to go to for a second opinion.

We think a second opinion is a very delicate matter. You want to have an independent view of your horse from somebody you trust to be objective and trustworthy, while you do not want to offend your own veterinarian by going behind his back to another vet.

The experience of our doctors at Michigan State University makes that we have an enormous expertise in seeing cases that are referred for a more in-depth diagnosis because initial treatment did not work out.

We are focused on working together with you and you vet(s) to find out what exactly is going on with your horse. We will not duplicate all examinations that already have been done, we can work with X-rays and ultrasound images made in the past, and will only perform the absolutely necessary imaging techniques.

Most important part of our second opinion examination will be the interview with you. We want to get all information you can give us about the history of the problems with your horse and all examinations and treatments that have been performed already, so we can have a good idea where to start with the second opinion exam
We are focused on diagnosing, not on selling all kinds of medications and treatments.
We will give an independent vision of what we think is going on with your horse, and work with you to solve this problem. We can refer you back to your initial veterinarian or your familiar veterinarian or care provider to make them part of the team to deliver care for your horse.

We are specialized in diagnosing occupational injuries, but will not be in any competition with your own veterinarian about the overall care for your horse.
We will respect your wishes about communication with your veterinarian and disclose any information you want us to give to your veterinarian, but also can work with you as a fully independent service without any disclosure about the case to anyone.

We have built a solid relationship with several insurance companies (during our time at MSU as well as now in private practice) to be a useful partner in the process of second opinion in insurance cases.